Dahongshan Region

This 300km region has the perfect micro-climate for growing full flavored shiitake mushrooms with temperatures getting as low as 20°F at night and high as 65°F at noon. Due to its remote location, Dahonhshan is still developing and Yuguo Farms is dedicated to improving the region’s infrastructure.

Contracted Farms

Yuguo Farms supports local farmers and their families by providing them with training, funding and the tools required to grow the highest quality mushrooms for commercial consumption while maintaining their independence.

Environmentally Safe & Sustainable

Traditionally growing mushrooms required a whole log to grow a few mushrooms. Yuguo Farms has developed techniques that utilize sterile solid wood chips, from long-term sustainable forests, packed inside sleeves to produce more mushrooms and with less of an environmental impact.

Naturally Grown

Yugo Farms takes pride in its natural farming processes and strives to maintain the highest standards in food production. Every batch of mushrooms produced goes through vigorous quality control and cleaning before going to market.

What People Are Saying About Yuguo Farms

“It’s so easy to rehydrate these slices which have a great real mushroom flavor. I use them in soups and only take a few minutes to reconstitute. The chewy meaty texture just reminds me this is the real natural grown veggie. I have tried so many mushrooms but this Yuguo Farms brand is definitely the best. Really love this monster-sized bag of mushroom and will certainly buy this product again.”

“Excellent quality sliced shiitake mushrooms. Great for cooking, just soak them in warm water for a while to make them soft. I like to eat one directly from the bag. They have intense umami flavor and are full of nutrients.”