1. What Goes Great With Shiitake Mushroom Chips?

    Packing your lunch every day can be a handful. You have to remember to pack it, think of new tasty items to fill your stomach, and try to be at least a little bit healthy when planning out your meals. However, packing your lunch every day allows you to eat healthier, save you money, and try out new lunch recipes. It can be a great way to break up your day when you have a lunch that’s something t…Read More

  2. It’s Snack Time!

    Our bodies are like machines. We need fuel to get through our day. We need that extra boost to get us through the afternoon and we especially need to nibble on something after we exercise. Water and food have become our fuel to keep us going. Sometimes, we need a little extra fuel to get us through those long work days or to keep up us after that harrowing workout. One way you can quench your hung…Read More

  3. Nutritional Benefits Of Shiitake Mushroom Chips

    Your health is of the utmost importance, after all, you only get one body. In today’s society, we have an abundance of unhealthy food choices to pick from, which can contribute to our waning health. It’s important that you find foods that you enjoy that are healthy and you can utilize in different dishes, either as snacks or as a meal. For example, the shiitake mushroom is a delicious vegetabl…Read More

  4. The Best Places To Bring Shiitake Mushroom Chips

    In The Advantages Of Shiitake Mushroom Chips, we discussed the benefits of eating shiitake mushroom chips. Now, it’s time to go over the best places to pack these chips. If you don’t take the time to pack a nutritious and tasty snack for your day, then you could end up eating fast food or something from the gas station, which can result in your pants feeling a little too tight on your hips. It…Read More

  5. The Advantages Of Shiitake Mushroom Chips

    If you’re a snack person and have yet to try our shiitake mushroom chips, then our first question to you is why not? Snacks are some of the best meals because you can take them anywhere and they are - generally - easy to eat. Of course, there are exceptions such as edamame, but we digress. Snacks in their own right are a great option to fall back on when you’re hungry because you can literally…Read More

  6. Learn About Our New Shiitake Mushroom Chips

    Have you heard about Yuguo Farms shiitake mushroom chips? Have you gotten the chance to try the wasabi, spicy, or original flavor each more delicious than the last? Are you wondering what exactly we’re talking about? Well, wonder no more! We’ll be introducing our shiitake mushroom chips to you so you can learn more about this nutritious and delicious snack - we mean treat. Take a moment to con…Read More

  7. How To Season Shiitake Mushrooms

    Delicious and nutritious? This sounds too good to be true! Shiitake mushrooms as we’ve found in some of our previous blogs can be cooked to perfection while still maintaining their nutrition. To check out some great ways to cook shiitake mushrooms, read What Dishes Can I Put Shiitake Mushrooms In?, Cooking Tips For Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Mushrooms Cheese Crostini With Shiitake & Italian F…Read More

  8. What Dishes Can I Put Shiitake Mushrooms In?

    Do you want some new ways to cook shiitake mushrooms? At Yuguo Farms, we offer the best micro-climate for shiitake mushrooms, which makes them tastier and healthier. Shiitake mushrooms are a delicious, nutritious food item to allow you to gain many health benefits. When you cook with shiitake mushrooms, you’re not only getting vitamin D, vitamin B, folate, and niacin, you’re also helping to su…Read More

  9. A Brief History Of Shiitake Mushrooms

    The shiitake mushroom is one of the most widely cultivated mushrooms in the entire world. If you’ve ever enjoyed a delicious Asian meal, you’ll notice that shiitake mushrooms are often used in Asian cuisine. If you’ve been to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant - or the next time you’re in one - notice the shiitake mushrooms in your dish. At Yuguo Farms, we offer shiitake mushrooms of all sha…Read More

  10. Start Incorporating Shiitake Mushrooms Into Your Diet

    Incorporating new items into your food might be difficult when you are used to eating the same things. It can be easy making the same food with no difference and not going outside of your comfort zone. If you liked grilled meats and leafy greens; why do you need to mix up your diet? If you like tacos, wings, and burgers; why should you go out of your comfort zone? When you take the time to incorpo…Read More