Do you often wonder where to buy shiitake mushrooms in your area? Now, you don’t have to search and search for the best shiitake mushroom products in your neighborhood. Instead, you can just place an order with us and get as many shiitake mushroom products as you want. We have as many shiitake mushroom products for your pleasure in different types and sizes as well. If you are a food manufacturer we also cater to large bags with a variety of different forms of shiitake mushrooms. At Yuguo Farms we strive to offer the best shiitake mushrooms for an affordable price to both the consumer and in wholesale. Yuguo Farms has high quality mushroom products and all of our shiitake mushroom products come from local farmers who are knowledgeable in this particular field.

We are the foremost store to provide shiitake mushrooms to you and food manufacturers. Each of our mushrooms come from local farmers who are able to receive funding, education, and other tools that will produce unparalleled premium shiitake mushrooms. In addition, these farmers are able to maintain their independence and are able to be self-sustaining when it comes to producing shiitake mushrooms. At Yuguo Farms, we pride ourselves on ensuring the shiitake mushrooms grow in the local region are also environmentally safe and sustainable. We have developed techniques to produce more mushrooms without harming forests. Instead, we’ve developed a way to grow mushrooms by utilizing sterile solid wood chips and long-term sustainable forests to ensure that you and the earth are safe. This means that we try our best to help the environment by our production of shiitake mushrooms not hurt it.

The product below comes in a few different-sized bags. What are you looking for? Do you want to order in bulk or do you want to order a small bag and try it out? Whatever the size you’re looking for, we can accommodate you. We are able to provide special-order items such as whole, sliced, crushed, and powdered shiitake mushrooms. We provide each of these in bulk for many food manufacturers, as well as large sizes in wholesale. Each of these special orders is available in various forms to provide shiitake mushrooms in an abundance of different ways.

Place an order for dried shiitake mushrooms today and enjoy the many benefits they provide. Check out some of our suggested recipes as well.

1.5oz bag – The Premium Shiitake Mushroom Chips


2oz bag – Certified USDA Organic Dried Sliced


14oz bag – 100% Naturally Grown Dried Sliced

14oz bag – 100% Naturally Grown Dried Whole

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Shiitake Instant Vegetable Soup
Ready To Cook Shiitake Mushrooms
More Shiitake Mushroom Products to Be Announced

Special Order

Whole / Sliced / Crushed / Powdered Shiitake Mushrooms are available in bulk for food manufacturers.
Various forms of Shiitake Mushrooms and Private Label available upon request.