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How To Season Shiitake Mushrooms

May 18, 2017

How To Season Shiitake Mushrooms

Delicious and nutritious? This sounds too good to be true! Shiitake mushrooms as we’ve found in some of our previous blogs can be cooked to perfection while still maintaining their nutrition. To check out some great ways to cook shiitake mushrooms, read What Dishes Can I Put Shiitake Mushrooms In?, Cooking Tips For Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Mushrooms Cheese Crostini With Shiitake & Italian Fontina, Garlicky Mushrooms Ricotta Pizza With Wild Arugula + Aged Balsamic, and 10-Minute Cheesy Mushroom Sandwich. 100 percent naturally grown and organic, Yuguo Farms’ shiitake mushrooms are sold in a variety of sizes. Don’t worry about GMO and other toxins when you purchase our premium dried sliced shiitake mushrooms.

Spices & Herbs To Try Out In Your Shiitake Mushroom Dish

One of the most important facets about cooking is how you bring out the taste of the food with spices and herbs. The way you season your shiitake mushrooms is what really pulls the whole dish together. If you don’t administer the correct spices and herbs in your shiitake mushroom dish, then it won’t be as good as you hoped. Spices and herbs are what add that certain pizzazz to the dish and ensure you are filled to the brim with delicious and nutritious food. Seasoning shiitake mushrooms can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, which is why we decided to offer up some great herbs and spices to use. Fun fact: there is a difference between herbs and spices. Herbs are leaves from a plant whereas spices are non-leafy items from a plant such as the bark, berries, flowers, and seeds.


Parsley will bring out the flavor of your shiitake mushrooms. A species of the Apiaceae family, it is a spice, vegetable, and a herb. Parsley can be used dry, fresh, or even as a garnish on your dish. Parsley will bring out tastes in soups, casseroles, stews, sauces, salsa, and salads.

Red Pepper Flakes

Do you like to spice your dishes up? With red pepper flakes, you’ll be able to add some zing to your shiitake mushrooms dishes. Red pepper flakes are dried, crushed red chili peppers. Red pepper flakes will add the heat without overpowering the dish and the bonus is that red pepper flakes can be used to bring out the spice on any dish from pizza to even soup.


Ginger can be used in a variety of ways from helping with digestive issues to adding some sprucing up to your dish. You can use it dried, only the ginger root, as powder, shredded, and even pickled. Ginger is primarily used in Japanese dishes, but you can use it in any type of dish when you want to add a little something extra. Great in curries, yogurt, salads, fish, and as a tea, ginger also a lot of medicinal purposes too.


Thyme can be used for medicinal purposes as well as in the culinary world. Thyme cooked in a sprig, dried out, or with only the leaves. Thyme will bring a more earthy, refreshing taste to your dishes by adding a little more flavor. It is a vital ingredient and has been used for thousands of years in several different meals.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to cook with tarragon, then begin to add a little into your dishes to test it out. Tarragon is generally used in French cooking, but it puts a unique twist on some dishes with mushrooms. Try out tarragon on your eggs, fish, and chicken.