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It’s Snack Time!

September 14, 2017

It’s Snack Time!

Our bodies are like machines; We need fuel to get through our day. We need that extra boost to get us through the afternoon and we especially need to nibble on something after we exercise. Water and food have become our fuel to keep us going. Sometimes, we need a little extra fuel to get us through those long work days or to keep up us after that harrowing workout. One way you can quench your hunger is by eating shiitake mushroom chips. A great source of nutrition, these chips are made to get you through the day in a tasty and healthy manner.

Beneficial Times For A Snack

Did you know that you need to eat every four hours to help you sustain your energy? If you’re going more than four hours — and let’s face it since most of us do — then you need to indulge in a little snack. You might want to reach for those veggies you took so much time cutting up or an apple to fight that hunger, but the best way to extinguish hunger is by grabbing a delicious bag of shiitake mushroom chips.

This is the best way to eliminate your hunger because it’s healthy, there’s no preparation, and they are delicious. These flavorful chips are fun to eat and even though they are similar to a potato chip, they have no trans fat or sugar in them, making them a one-of-a-kind snack time item. If you’re wondering when the best time to eat these tasty chips, then check out all the best snack times to ensure you have fuel.

After A Workout

After your workout is one of the most essential times to eat. You’ve burned fat, calories, and your body is tired and needs to be replenished. Eating something after an hour or two workout is great because you need to gain back your energy and rebuild your muscle. Long, intense workouts are beneficial for your body, but when you don’t take the time to fill your belly with something nutritious, then you’re not allowing your body to be restored. You might lean toward a smoothie or a protein shake, but shiitake mushrooms have no added sugars and the necessary nutrients you need to rejuvenate your body after that difficult workout.

After Work

When you get home from work, you might be starving, but don’t have the time or energy to make dinner just yet. You probably get home sometime around five and that’s already about five hours from your last meal if you eat around noon. After work is a great time for a quick snack before you prepare dinner. What’s great about these shiitake mushroom chips is that they fill you up enough for you to feel full, but not too full to want to skip out on dinner.

Mid-Morning Snack

If you sit at a desk most of the day, then snack time can be the best way to get you through it. Working a normal nine to five job can be difficult, especially when you can’t keep to your normal eating hours. You eat breakfast in the morning and then you don’t eat again until lunch. That can be hours until you fill your belly! With so much work you need to get done in the day, it’s important to make time to have a snack and these chips are perfect since they aren’t messy, they’re tasty, and easy to eat when you’re hurrying around the office.