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Learn About Our New Shiitake Mushroom Chips

July 10, 2017

Learn About Our New Shiitake Mushroom Chips

Have you heard about Yuguo Farms shiitake mushroom chips? Have you gotten the chance to try the wasabi, spicy, or original flavor each more delicious than the last? Are you wondering what exactly we’re talking about? Well, wonder no more! We’ll be introducing our shiitake mushroom chips to you so you can learn more about this nutritious and delicious snack – we mean treat.

Take a moment to consider a majority of the healthy snack foods you eat. They all seem tasty on the outside, but when you bite into them they just seem…lacking. We’ve all been there. We’ve all indulged in the health food craze because we feel bad about eating junk food, so we go toward a better choice that ends up being not worth the calories. It’s no wonder why most people give up on eating healthy and instead go for the first bag of Lay’s® they can find. It’s understandable. If something isn’t tasty, no one’s going to eat it.

Generally, when you find something that’s delicious you begin to wonder what the catch is. For example, granola or fat-free yogurt. You think that these two items are super healthy and you don’t even have to consider that they’re delicious because they definitely are; however, did you know that fat-free isn’t a get out of jail card for calories and other unhealthy factors? Did you know that there’s generally about 15 grams of sugar in one small cup (six ounces) of yogurt? When it comes to our other example: granola, it’s easily 500 calories in one bowl. The rolled oats, dried fruit, and nuts all have extra calories and sugars you just don’t need. Additionally, like any cereal, it’s very easy to go over the portion size unless you strategically measure it out.

Now, going back to shiitake mushrooms chips, we pride ourselves on not falling into the faux health food guise. We’re actually a healthy snack and we are going to detail exactly how healthy we are so you know what you’re getting yourself into when you purchase this tasty chip.

The Situation On Healthiness

No one likes a faux healthy snack and even more, people dislike a tasteless healthy snack. Thankfully, at Yuguo Farms we don’t have that problem. There is no lack of tastiness or healthiness when you purchase a bag of shiitake mushroom chips. As we covered both ends of the health food spectrum above with the faux healthiness as well as the tasteless healthy snacks, we’re ready to dive into how nutritious this health food option is. Additionally, we’ll describe the deliciousness of shiitake mushrooms chips since you can’t reach into the Internet to taste them – at least not yet.

Shiitake mushrooms are rich in vitamins, they fight cardiovascular disease, and increase your iron intake. Additionally, if you want a stronger immune system, shiitake mushrooms can assist you with making you almost invincible when it comes to getting sick. Shiitake mushrooms are even a symbol of longevity across Asia for over 6,000 years. Something must be right if for 6,000 years people believed in the richness of vitamins and health benefits of the shiitake mushroom. By preventing diseases and enriching your body with nutrients, you’ll notice your body feels stronger, better, and you get sick a lot less.

When it comes to the calorie count etc. of shiitake mushroom chips, you’ll notice they offer a lot less in calories and a lot more in health benefits than say a bag of Lay’s®. First, there are about eight servings per bag of chips with three chips equaling 25 calories. That means in one bag there are 200 calories. Additionally, going back to an increased amount of salt and sugar in healthy snacks, our shiitake mushroom chips are zero in sugar, zero in trans fat and saturated fat, and zero in sodium. What these chips do have are fiber, one percent total carbohydrates, and two percent total fat. There are no odd unpronounceable ingredients either, only exactly what you’re eating: shiitake mushrooms in a chip form.

The Tastiness

Now that we know that our shiitake mushrooms chips are healthy, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of tastiness – our favorite part. First, we have three flavors, so far.

The original flavor is for the person who enjoys a healthy snack, but not something with strong flavor. This one is for the person who has a more mellow desire of flavor. Focused more as an original treat, if you enjoy shiitake mushrooms, you will love biting into this chip.

The spicy flavor is for those people who enjoy a little bite to their health food snack. This is the perfect snack for a person who really enjoys a little bit of hot sauce in their life. Keep in mind, these aren’t too spicy, just spicy enough to eat an entire bag without needing a gallon of milk to wash it down.

The wasabi flavor is for the person who enjoys the taste of wasabi. With a very distinct flavor of wasabi, these chips are for those who like heat but not too much of it. Instead, this will give you the bite you’re looking for when you pour through your pantry for a snack.

If you’re still not sure if this is the right snack treat for you, then order a bag to see if you’ll soon become addicted to our shiitake mushrooms chips.