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Welcome To Our Blog

July 19, 2016

Welcome To Our Blog

Everyone has that one ingredient they just can’t resist adding to a meal. One food item they can’t help but crave. For us, it’s always been shiitake mushrooms. They are a food stuff of astonishing versatility, numerous health benefits, and, for our farmers, a source of income and local pride.

Adding shiitake mushrooms to the right recipe can elevate the entire dish. They were initially cultivated in China and Japan and, as their popularity has grown, people around the world have come to appreciate their unique taste and texture. Shiitakes are not unlike portabella mushrooms with their meaty texture. When cooked properly, they have a smoky and earthy flavor, and they are frequently added to soups, pasta dishes, stir-fries, and many others.

But maybe we don’t have to sell you on the virtues of the humble shiitake mushroom. You might already be a convert, and you’re looking for numerous large bags of dried shiitake for your restaurant. You might be a food manufacturer or retailer, and your customers have been clamoring for the highest quality shiitake possible. You might want them for your own personal kitchen, to help push your next meal or gathering to the next level.

For over 30 years, Yuguo Farms has been a leader specializing in the growth, harvesting and manufacturing of top-quality dried shiitake mushrooms. Located in the beautiful Dahongshan region of central China, we’ve found the world’s most ideal microclimate for growing shiitake mushrooms. As a result, we’re one of the most sought after distributors by restaurateurs, food manufacturers, retail chain stores, and people just like you looking for quality ingredients to enhance a meal.

Growing shiitake mushrooms is an ancient practice. Originally, an entire log was needed just to grow a few mushrooms. Now, things have changed. We have developed advanced scientific techniques that utilize sterile and solid wood chips that come from sustainable forests. The chips are tightly packed into sleeves, which not only yields a larger harvest of mushrooms, but also has a much smaller environmental impact.

Yuguo Farms is proud to partner with local farmers in Dahongsan. By providing funding, training, and state of the art equipment to our teams of farmers, they are able to grow the highest quality mushrooms for commercial consumption, as well as live independently and comfortably. Every single batch of mushrooms produced goes through a vigorous quality control process. We expect the best ingredients when cooking for friends and family, and it’s no different for our customers. As a result, we’re able to provide our products in bulk, or in small bags to give it a try. Better yet, we’re happy to provide special order items. If you’re in need of shiitake mushrooms that are powdered, crushed, sliced, or whole, we’re pleased to provide them to you in bulk orders or in 3 ounce, 8 ounce, and 14 ounce bags.

As you read later entries in our blog, you’ll learn that shiitake mushrooms are serious business for us. We’ll talk about their health benefits, different dishes and methods of preparation, the cultural aspects, and a whole lot more. Feel free to explore our website for recipes, product information, and our story. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to hear from you.